What Is Aerokinesis

What is Aerokinesis?

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Areokinesis is the ability to control/manipulate air. It’s also known to be called airbending, air control, Anemokinesis, Spirarekinesis, wind control or atmosphere control. One with this kinetic ability might be able to compress, shape, manipulate and control the gases in earth’s atmosphere depending on the amount of training that has been completed. The gases in earth’s atmosphere are mostly made up of oxygen and nitrogen. You’ve probably seen or read something where a character can create tornadoes, hurricanes or just a very strong winds. This is because they have the power of Aerokinesis and can manipulate/control the wind to do what ever the person wishes. Aerokinesis is a magnificent kinetic ability because you can not see air therefore making it an invisible weapon or tool. Click here to read more.

Is it real?

Some say that it’s not possible and that there’s not connection between humans and air. One the other hand, there are people studying these kinetic abilities, looking/finding reasonable explanations for how it all works. And there’s the people who claim to have these abilities. And yes, there are people who do have kinetic powers. Here are demonstration videos.(These videos DO NOT belong to me and I DID NOT create them.)

Video belongs to Matt Sutton. Click here to his channel.

Video belongs to Michael Grubb. Click here to see his channel.

Video belongs to N3rdShaman. Click here to see her channel.